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Many standard surveyor’s house reports support work that is inappropriate, often unnecessary and may actually conflict with the Listed status or context of the property. This can be costly and damaging even if the property is not Listed.

Listed Buildings require specialist advice and Historic England, Cadw and other Statutory Bodies recommend that survey work should be carried out by those with Building Conservation qualifications and experience.

We are highly qualified and respected in the field of Conservation Architecture and Surveying and have many years’ experience working with traditional properties from cottages to significant Estates. We add considerable value to projects that we are involved with.

A bank or building society survey exists simply for the lender to check the value of their security, it provides very little practical information for the purchaser.

Dyfi Architecture offer specialist independent surveys that cover the condition of the building(s) and highlight work required with estimated costs as appropriate, much as one would expect from a surveyor involved in a standard house purchase survey.

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The difference lies in that we work for our Clients rather than a mortgage company and we are also able to address specific points in relation to Architectural and Planning matters, ours is not a ‘box ticking exercise’ but a thorough investigation.

Listed and Traditional Buildings require a specific methodology, we can provide details and suggest ways this can be incorporated into future plans and maintenance regimes to ensure that the building thrives for many generations.

We produce a ‘stand-alone’ document that can highlight problems, expose inappropriate works that have taken place and outline a recommended process for proceeding with the Clients aims and objectives with their home.

Dyfi Architecture are included in the Approved List of Inspectors for Churches in Wales. This achievement recognises our Professional Status in working with important National assets, many of which are very significant Listed Buildings.

We can advise on how to vastly improve the energy efficiency in ways that are sympathetic to the historic character and acceptable to Planning Authorities.

We have considerable experience with large scale renewable projects in Listed Buildings and can help you make informed decisions.

Our Surveys are a comprehensive report on a building that is of architectural or historic interest, whether Listed or not.

Carried out by a Building Conservation Accredited Professional the survey provides detailed information on the condition of the building just like the RICS Level 3 Building Survey (the highest grade) but with additional detail specific to the historic property.

Any relevant specific questions that the Clients may have can be addressed at the same time.

Dyfi Architecture also offer the full range of RIBA Architectural work stages, our Clients find this particularly useful.


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Dyfi Architecture hold full Professional Insurance cover.

Approved LPOC conservation accredited & professional surveyors.

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